In February 2017, I received a call from my agent about a project that would change my life, not only professionally, but personally; mentally and spiritually. The connection I had to the role of Samson (as I have stated in many interviews) was unbelievable. I felt that many things in my life manifested together in that moment not to mention the prediction a dear friend of mine had made a few years prior – that I was one day set to be “going home and leading my people”.

“Going home” meant back to South Africa (where as I have mentioned previously I spent part of my childhood) and “leading my people” alluded to the path that had been bestowed upon the character of Samson. And so, after the formalities of auditioning, meeting the team, contracts and visas had been addressed, I found myself in South Africa in early March 2017, with the incredible team and director Bruce MacDonald at the helm, working on and filming Samson.


All moments in our lives should be important, however it is fair to say, (and that isn’t a neglectful state of mind) that some will carry a little more gravitas than others. Samson represented the birth of so many firsts in my life, the culmination of years of hard work had led me to now experience a higher level of the business, of learning, of performing, of responsibility that will always make the experience of Samson stand out.

The director, Bruce MacDonald, is an incredible man. In allowing me to express the knowledge I had acquired over the past decade of study, Bruce bridged the gap between my dream and my reality. Having the opportunity and responsibility to lead, helped me mature, helped me grow and helped me realise that finally I was the artist I had wanted to become. I will always be thankful to Bruce for this. Encouraging someone to flourish and be their best possible version is a beautiful and powerful thing.


South Africa is an incredible country. The people are passionate, talented and exceptionally hard working. The landscape is breathtaking and very fitting for the world in which Samson was set. Their late Autumn months meant hot days and cool nights. The light was seemingly always prime for filming and the crew were always ready to work the long days film requires. I miss my time there, I cherished every day on and off set. I was conscious of the void that would be left on completion of the film and returning home, and so I gave my time there everything; a lesson to fully commit and love the here and now.  I look forward to returning, to rekindling and working with the people I met during my time there and to the various exciting and new projects that I will film there throughout the rest of my career. To each and everyone involved in the Samson and my journey. Thank you.


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