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During some of my interviews (especailly in the midst of the Samson period) I was asked  several times, who are inspirational people in my life and where do I draw some of my creativity from. These two questions are probably my most favourite, for to talk about those you admire, cherish, love,  are in awe of, with passion and with a connection of how they/it has effected me, is a joy. 

Throughout our lives, hopefully we encounter many people who help shape us to be better. People who inspire us, or to guide us with their wisdom and experience. These people can be as close as a living family member or a far away as a descried hero on the ptherside of the world.  It is the element, the almost tangible chord that is created with you and that person which is key. 

When someone or something inspires you, the spark that is created is an opportunity to set a blaze your dreams. The excitement, the freshness the energy that is created is limitless, however over time, the fire will need fuel and it is then that you must gather elements and moments to add to it to keep that idea, change whatever was sparked burning. Revisting the same spark, searching for others, noting change within yourself all help this. 

Someone once said when there are no exterior voices to motivate you, the voice inside must be strong. And so, heeding this advice, have foresight and protect yourself by amassing as much as possible for the raining dark day you may and will need it. Peoples words, their stories, their experiences, there guide can council you. You must search the material that is ut there, you must find connections with it, it must become a part of you, either to get you from one step to the next or t always be that hand that reaches back and pulls you though. Whatever pursuit you are in and on, you must protect and prepare yourself correctly, for when you know why n what you are doing it for, its easier, the light is so dim, the belief is a little stronger and your courage, your goals, your dreams, your creativity your manner and whole being will be aligned to that of what you aspire for. 

Many days I have played the same song on repeat, many times I have read a chapter, a paragrapgh or sentence over and over. I have watched footage until I can replay it in my head and not miss a single colour, image . I have memorised quotes, I have studied the componets, I have emerged myself fully in whatever source the spark came from. And with each dive into the world of inspiration, the more it penetrates my skin and becomes part of me. You must wash yourself in the water of life, you must cloth yourself in the garments that says something about you, you must walk the path you are destined to walk. 

Dreams and ideas show a glimpse of the destination you can reach, you may chose later to follow a different path for a new goal but you must set foot prepared for the joinery. 


Below is a list of material I revert back to time and time again. Some have only needed to be absorbed once and others my daily ritual, but they all have become and helped shape a huge part of me.  

One last note, (I adore my family, my friends and a lot of the who I have grown up and worked with along my adult life, however for this purpose, I want to focus on the inspirational creative side and also people who you as readers can dip in and out of and possibly create your own connections and like me be inspired. 

Max Ehrmann poems,  A Prayer and Desiderata,

Charles Bukowski (roll the dice) 

Ayn Rand the fountainhead 

Kahlil Gibran The Prophet

The motivation Manifesto Brendon Burchard

Man’s Search for Meaning Viktor Frankl 

The Alchemist Paulo Coelho 

The Education of a Bodybuilder by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Think and grow rich Napoleon Hill 

Fabrizo Paterlini 

Max Richter 

Phillip Glass 

Hans Zimmer 

Craig Armstrong

Sports héros and their journeys 

Valentino Rossi

Micheale Jordan 

Now for the section that is too hard to contain, it ever changes, it ever evolves and sometimes its a “tiny moment” that has stayed with me, Films, the Actors, The directors.

Firstly growing up and learning from the theatre and having had the chance to work with the following directors, I say whole heartily and with every inch of their manner, style, skill set set, vision and leadership that Michael Grandage Kenneth Branagh and Jamie Lloyd are great men who if you have an opportunity to see their work live, or even cinematically you should. I am thankful to them eternally. 

Other directors who have shaped my film experience are Christopher Nolan, Frank Darabont  and Steven Spielberg and as for actors, perhaps its the film there remembered by, the character they played or just the path the lead, but for me a Movie star is slightly different to an actor, the quiaites are similar but the arua, air they hold is inspirational. 

Tom Crusie, Jim Carrey, Will Smith, Dwayne Johnson all hold an ability to bring the circus to town.

And finally films. 

Something strikes a chord within us, at certain moments in life, if you’re in the mood to party, perhaps you dont reach for a classical morag, perhaps if you’re suffering fro a break up the note book grabs you, however films lists are out there to form a basis I advise you watch hem, I sadb=sie yay get lost in them and hopefully find some of thematic that is film, inspire and insight change within you like it has and always done with me. I leave you with some beautiful films, not my ll time favourites, but films that for some reason shaped me 


Jerry maguire

The Blind side

life is beautiful 

true man show 

Green mile, 

Shawshank Redpemtion 

Good will Hunting 

Pumping Iron