The Liberator

In early 2019 I got the opportunity to work for a couple of weeks in the historic town of Łódź in Poland. I had auditioned several times for various roles within the incredible scripted true story of The Liberator, and it was a question of finding the right fit from the creatives. We settled on Sergeant MacMillan who was a heroic Tank operator who helped save the day with not only his Tank and machine gun, but also his heart, in assisting the restless, lost and overwhelmed hero of the story, Captain Felix Sparks at a time of desperation in his journey.

It was a fantastic ensemble piece, lead by Bradley James, who played Captain Sparks. The series tells about a group of men of different ethnicities in Oklahoma united to fight against the Nazi occupation of Europe. Captain Felix Sparks, through his outstanding leadership, is able to unite these men for a united cause despite all the hardships he and his unit faced.

Based on the book “The Liberator” written by Alex Kershaw and teleplay written by show runner, Jeb Stuart; Netflix, School of Humans and Triscope studios worked with Director Grzegorz Jonkajtys and his revolutionary comic book live animation creation to film and illustrate the story with breathtaking results. The filming process mixed a lot of blue screen work which would be matched and overlayed over illustration yet, we as actors, the props and costume had distinctive animation lines drawn upon us in stylised ways to capture all the intricacies and maximise what the camera caught and the artists mixed.

The process took an extensive time in post production but when it was released on Veterans Day 11th November 2020 on Netflix, it became a success and new filming method overnight.

Check out The Liberator on Netflix.

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