Commercials are an interesting slice of work. There are some people who make a living from doing them and there are others who look down on them. For me, I see commercials as an opportunity to work with talented cast and creatives, to meet interesting and insightful people and to learn your craft from something fun and lighter in tone than some of the stresses that come with a lot of other acting experiences and roles.

For me the “Vanquis” journey was so much fun. The wonderful people I have met; production, cast, crew and creatives have left me with memories I will cherish forever. The talented director Phil Hawkins has become a friend, a teacher and co-brainstormer in the pursuit of story telling.

The word vanquis carries with it tones of epic, of battle, of a world gone by and so the idea for the commerical to pay homage to “Game of Thrones” TV series was fitting and rightfully successful.

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